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Children Dentistry

As a mother, Dr Rossouw knows that going to the dentist can be a traumatic experience, but it does not have to be. The practice is child friendly and aims to make the experience effortless and pleasant, for the parent and the child.

There is an anesthesiologist on site who administers conscious sedation, when necessary, for painless fillings. (This service is also available for anxious adults).

Dr Rossouw recommends that the child comes in for his/her first visit when they turn one. Even though this sounds very young, the visit is really more for the peace of mind of the parent than for the child. The first visit is very informal and introduces the child to the environment and begins to build the relationship with the doctor. If the child is comfortable enough, Doctor Rossouw just scans the mouth to make sure that the oral development is normal and that there is no sign of tooth decay. She also gives advice regarding diet, when to take the child off the bottle or dummy and answers any other questions that the parent might have.


Implant dentistry is the solution to missing teeth and can provide one with natural looking permanent, replacement teeth. Dental implants are the alternative to dentures, especially If only one or two teeth are missing. However a full mouth implant is also an option. Implants can be done for children in their late teens up to a person in their 90’s and if cared for well, implants can last for the rest of one’s life.

Implants are Titanium posts with specially activated surfaces that are implanted into the jawbone. These Titanium posts then ultimately act as the new “root” to which the artificial tooth is attached. Doctor Rossouw is qualified to do the small procedure at the practice and will work together with the dental technician to design and construct the artificial tooth. However, in some cases general anaesthetic is necessary and should be done at a hospital.


Most of Dr Rossouw’s denture work is done at the Joggie Herbst Laboratories in Meyerspark. Dentures can be delivered within a week and same-day repairs can be made. The same service is now available at the Constantia Park Practice.

Dentures are a quicker and less expensive option than implants in the short term, but are not as durable or comfortable as implants in the long run.

Teeth Whitening

There are two packages for teeth whitening which patients can choose from. In both cases patients come in for a checkup and cleaning. Option one is the in-office whitening session which consists of two visits, one week apart. Biolase is used in conjunction with Opalescence products. Option two includes the personal bleaching tray and takeaway kit. The trays can be used again later for touch-ups, if so desired.

Professionally administered teeth whitening is safe and ensures the desired results. Doctor Rossouw uses the leading brand, Opalescence, which is easy to use and very effective. Most patients are candidates for whitening as there are different products for each individual’s need. Crowns, veneers and fillings, however, do not bleach and can therefore not be whitened.

Forensic Dentistry

As a forensic dentist Dr Adel assists investigative agencies by identifying the remains of missing persons, bodies that are beyond recognition or identifying people killed during a mass disaster like a plane crash or fire. Through closer examination of the skull and teeth the identification of race, age and sex is possible. Identification is done by comparing ante mortem with post mortem dental records. DNA can also be derived from teeth to help with identification.

Another type of evidence that can be used is the identification of bite marks which are either left on the victim, or the attacker which, when identified can tie the perpetrator to the crime. Sometimes bite marks are also left on inanimate objects left at the crime scene, for example, a block of cheese or half eaten chocolate.

Gum Guards

There are several types of mouth guards. The first is stock mouth guards which are bought from sporting goods stores. The second is “bite-and-boil” which approximates the shape of the teeth but does not offer as much protection as the custom made guard which is the third and best option.

The custom made guard is molded from an impression cast, which means that the fit is perfect and will not fall out during a collision in contact sports. Guards are custom made for specific sports. For example, in ball or missile sports, hard inserts over the incisors (front teeth) are built-in and for contact sports the use of more shock absorption is incorporated.

Custom made mouth guards can even be made for people with braces. Once the permanent upper incisors have erupted, the use of gum guards is recommended. Custom made gum guards usually last two to three years depending on the frequency of use.

Laser Dentistry

Dr Adel makes use of a Biolase in her practice. This type of laser is used for low level laser therapy which helps for facial muscle pains, TMJ (Tempero Mandibular Joint) pains and mouth ulcers. The Biolase is also used for soft tissue contouring during surgical procedures. The benefits of using the laser is less bleeding, stitches are seldom necessary, quicker healing time, less pain and less scar formation. Biolase is also used during the in-office whitening session.

General Dentistry

A general check-up should be done every six months. A check-up includes cleaning, fluoride treatment and x-rays. Fillings are also done immediately if need be. Doctor Rossouw only makes use of composite fillings which are the “white fillings”. Most medical aids pay for two checkups annually.

Root canal work is also performed promptly if required. This procedure is done under magnification.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Most cosmetic dentistry is done with a laser and includes services like whitening, veneers and full mouth rehab.