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Children Dentistry

As a mother, Dr Rossouw knows that going to the dentist can be a traumatic experience, but it does not have to be. The practice is child friendly and aims to make the experience effortless and pleasant, for the parent and the child.

There is an anesthesiologist on site who administers conscious sedation, when necessary, for painless fillings. (This service is also available for anxious adults).

Dr Rossouw recommends that the child comes in for his/her first visit when they turn one. Even though this sounds very young, the visit is really more for the peace of mind of the parent than for the child. The first visit is very informal and introduces the child to the environment and begins to build the relationship with the doctor. If the child is comfortable enough, Doctor Rossouw just scans the mouth to make sure that the oral development is normal and that there is no sign of tooth decay. She also gives advice regarding diet, when to take the child off the bottle or dummy and answers any other questions that the parent might have.